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Residential Property Restorations

Whatever the cause, when you have an emergency - one that has left your home, or sections or it, unusable - you need to be sure that the restoration of it will be performed promptly, professionally, and in a way acceptable to your insurance provider.

WINMAR® will be on the job the very moment that the emergency condition has ended. Our project manager, with you, will prepare a complete scope of work together with a detailed estimate of what is required to restore you property to pre-loss condition. When the scope of work is completed, WINMAR® will submit and review our estimate with you, and with your insurance claim representative. On approval, and with your authorization, we'll go over the work plan once more to confirm any changes, material choices, colours, etc.

WINMAR® can also provide restoration of home contents including soft items, hard items, electronic items, odour removal and carpet cleaning. We are careful to ensure that all your contents are completely inventoried and that contents damaged beyond repair or restoration are inventoried fully for your insurance claim adjuster. WINMAR® uses state-of-the-art Esporta and Fireline content restoration processing to ensure maximum effectivenss and care.

Our WINMAR® from ordering materials, the schedules, and to management of the various tradesmen involved. We'll keep you informed and up-to-date every step of the way.

Upon completion of the work, a WINMAR® project manager will conduct a site review with you and note any discrepancies you might identify. Any remaining items will be addressed promptly..