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Commercial Property Restoration

We know that fire, weather, mold, leaks, floods, broken pipes and other similar problems are likely to have a larger impact on commercial businesses or public service institutions. That increased impact means that you need a supplier that can address the full scope of the issues caused by such catastrophes.  WINMAR® offers these:

Emergency Response

At WINMAR®, we understand the that prudent risk management, adequate property management, and response to other physical plant issues means planning for the emergency. It also means you must have access experienced and professional help with the proper equipment when you need it.  Otherwise, fire, flooding, adverse weather or other catastrophes can result in substantial costs and business interruptions.

Nationwide Availability

Your business or institution may span cities, provinces or the entire country. So does WINMAR®. We're one of the few property restoration firms able to provide the right people, the right equipment and fast response wherever you are in Canada.

Specialized Equipment

We offer a full line of equipment which is available to all WINMAR® locations across the country.  This list includes equipment for mobile pumps and water extraction, temporary climate control, temporary heat, temporary generation, commercial desiccant dehumidifies, low grain dehumidifies, wall cavity drying units, air management, portable freezers, air movers, HEPA air scrubbers and negative air units and dry ice blasting. The right equipment means the job gets done faster and thoroughly.

Disaster Planning

A prudent business doesn't wait for disaster to strike. It thinks ahead. Let our experienced team at WINMAR® work with you to develop a catastrophe plan best suited for your  specific business or institutional needs.  We can work with you and your staff to prepare for the unexpected.  Contact us to learn how a WINMAR® Distaster Plan might help you.