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Fire Damage Restoration

Restoration of your property after a fire is not a simple task and requires technicians knowledgeable and certified in fire restoration processes.

In the aftermath of any fire, fast action is paramount. Water used to extinguish the fire causes its own problems, but smoke and soot settles on every surface in your house or office and often starts chemical reactions that can soon make some materials uncleanable. The longer acid or corrosive gasses remain, the worse the effects.

WINMAR® approaches smoke and fire damage restoration in several steps – each requiring its own expertise and specialized equipment. These steps generally include the following:

      • Emergency pre-cleaning
      • Mitigation of corrosive materials
      • Cleaning of contents
      • Removal of contents for specialized cleaning
      • Cleaning of walls and ceilings
      • Deodorization

Whatever your fire situation was, WINMAR® has the tools and experience to ensure the proper restoration.