When a couple purchased a co-op in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay neighborhood, they came to us with a seemingly impossible request—redesigning poorly lit, claustrophobic space and turning into a bright, spacey urban oasis. And they ever wanted it done on a budget! But our seniors designers, eager as always, were ready to design an affordable, luxurious space. With a subtle, neutral color palette and bright metallic accents, we minimized clutter and maximized the existing elements.



manhattan co-op living room


manhattan co-op living room

It was key that we sourced with a strict budget in mind, especially since we had to remodel the bathroom, renovate the kitchen and add a second bedroom. Accents and accesories had to be flexible enough to compliment a luxurious city apartment, and so we put our designer discounts to good use.


manhattan co-op kitchen

To get the most bang for our buck, we sourced subway tiles and Carrara marble for the kitchen and bathroom. Even with a slim budget, we were able to create a soothing and mature urban oasis within the city.


manhattan co-op bathroom

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